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Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programme where advertisers bid for Google's featured Search Results using keywords and phrases.

Prodealer offers setup and management of Google AdWords marketing campaigns for dealers.
Google's featured Search Results appear on top of and to the right of all natural organic search results. The winning advertiser's account is debited the amount bid when there is a click through to their site from the advertisement.

Google Adwords can help your dealership target specific search terms with various ad formats. Geographic locations and languages can also be specifically targeted. There's no minimum spending limit when using Google AdWords. For example a daily budget of five dollars can be set with a maximum cost of ten cents each time your advertisement is clicked.

Optimisation of Google AdWords campaign is a continual process because change is continually occuring. For example new competitors enter the market which up can affect the cost of running ads. On the other hand, a competitor may cease advertising which can change an average keyword or phrase into a high achiever.

Prodealer can manage your entire Google AdWords campaign from the ground up and provide detailed reports on the return of your investment.

Talk to Prodealer today about how Google AdWords will drive the right traffic to your website.


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